Statements of support

Please leave a statement in support of keeping Fairfield House open according to His Majesty’s wishes.  Thanks in advance!  See previous statements submitted below. (Please note, please do not comment on other people’s statements as this is not a forum for debate.  Statements may be edited at the administrator’s discretion.)

Conley, Manchester, UK

Sauda Kylambuka,  Bristol UK
Organization: African Voices Forum
Statement of Support for Fairfield House: Please keep the house open as requested by H.I.M.  This House is a much needed resource for the elderly. It is of high importance not only to those of the Rastafari Faith and those of African and African Caribbean decent but also to the historical City of Bath, Bristol and beyond. When I visited the house it felt very special And there was a rainbow!!!

Daphne Reuben Ellender, Oxfordshire UK
Fairfield House was the dwelling placce of THE KING OF KINGS THE CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.  It must never be lost.  I am in full support of you.  I luv and respect.

Imane, London
whose heritage? how can you sell what’s not yours? what does the state of UK gets for making Fairfield house into a heritage site? Yes InI ivine Royal family stayed there, it was bought for them by the Emperor Himself.  Who did the council speak to concerning the upkeeps of the house? in 1937 the organization of the Ethiopian World Federation was established by the Emperor during His stay in Bath, so why is the organization not involve in the maintenance of the property? world heritage is just another way for the investors/corporate thieves to steal our heritage. what part do we play in this heritage game. our ancient countries are all becoming heritage sites, why?  Can an original Lion of Judah Ethiopian flag be displayed instead of the commercial flag sold for profit by transeal. Surely the Ethiopian government can donate a flag. Give thanks for the thoughts, but InI need to observe what is our own,

Dawn Jones, Southampton
Keep this heritage site open.

Sonia Davis (Sister Benji Uwimana), London
Organization: Omega Radio/Rastafarian
As part of the works towards ensuring the legacy of HIM gift, I am willing to work with all who have the oneness to assist this project. Please let us know what is required and we the Omega family will use all means at our disposal.  Wadada.

BridgeRas, London
My reason is that the house in Fairfield is the house of the King of Kings where JAH in the flesh lived for five years, and He left it as a history for us to keep care and protect and for the elders of all races who want to be there.  His Majesty said let the blind be led, the hungry be fed and the aged cared for.  It is a blessing for us to do  the work of the Lord. I also  think it’s a personal blessing so I am willing  to play my part.  I also see that Fairfiled House has a  wider meaning for the Rastafari community at large, so I will answer my call and do whatever I can when I’m call upon.

Sister Uwimana Benji, London
Giving thanks to be standing with the warriors and warrioress in this struggle and looking forward to play a part in the solution!
Forward ever with the Most High as our guide. Igziabher Yimmasagan….Negusta Nagast…Haile Selassie I.

Wombman of Moods, London
I fully, wholeheartedly, definitely support the works of All in keeping Fairfield House as a Historical landmark, given by His Imperial Majesty, Haille Selassie 1st of ETHIOPIA for the people and particularly the Elders to fullyjoy!!!! We must and will do All that we can to ensure this house/home, Sacred Place remains for the use it was intended!!! Rise up my People and accomplish JAH WILL!!!!!! Ras Tafari Love, Blessings & Itection is ever Faithfull and Sure!!!! We must spread de word and get we monies together to support the restoration of his GREAT HOUSE/HOME.

Judah, London
The House where H.I.M home is in Britain means a lot to Rastafarians and Others who loved H.I.M and His family.   This house has a lot of memories which we need to keep and for our children to see this. Fairfield House has my full Support. Rastafari Love Everytime.

Irie Levi, London
Irie love, this is for the future generations to rise up and see that we will no longer let what is ours be taken…. everyone has a skill. Rise up Sons and Daughters….

James Kent, Bath
Good work, keep it open!

Ras Tego, Bristol
Well as a most needed part of history not only for Rastafarians but also people wanting to gain a high divinity in to the ways of the system we are know all a part of  it was a utter most disgrace to hear that they want to close Fairfield House it is a big part of the Queen’s heritage which threw the association of Rastas it is deemed a hush situation but the truth is out already so we will not let you do it.  If it’s money we got that,  if it’s unity we got that and if it’s love look no further.  One love all Rasta in heart blessed love. JAH RASTAFARI HOLY EMANUEL I KING SELASSIE …SELAH

Michael Walters,  Birmingham
The first time I came to Fairfield house there was a cross in the sky above the house, it was video, no clouds it was a clear and sunny day not even my sun glasses help… The house is our history and symbolic to the world… Thank God for His kindness… Meeting Ruth Haskins was a blessing has she recalls the time she was there has the nanny of the Emperor children 1936…

Fred Simon, Bath
Organization: NUS
His Imperial Majesty, The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah left this house to His people, and that is how it would remain. March down babylon.  Jah Rastafari. Bless up.

Ras Habakkuk, Bath
With the respect of the Kings of Kings who think of the people that show Him love and honesty, He gave His home to them to rest their weary bones when they can’t go no more.  And for someone to under mind His wish is most un-kind to the elders of city of Bath, both black and white. I have lived in Bath All of my days, so please let us put our hand in hand and be kind to Fairfield House; the home of the King His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I  1st and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Wayzaro Menen.  Give glory on to them and their children.  JAH Blessing.  Jah Rastafari

Kana, London/Bath
Organization: Heartwood Project

Crucial element in national, and international history; a heritage site and a place of pilgrimage. The House was gifted to the community and should remain thus. Educational potential is huge; school children (and grown ups) have a potent resource for approaching global citizenship and human rights through the teachings of H.I.M if these can be highlighted through the space…. Guidance, love and protection. x

Nestori, Finland
Organise and centralise, these are the words of His Majesty!  I truly support the cause of safeguarding Fairfield House to be used in a manner that Haile Selassie meant it to be used. Old people should always be respected and this was Haile Selassies wish too.   I also see that Fairfiled House has a wider meaning for the Rastafari community at large and especially for us in Europe. This can be a place, were everyone can go and think about His Majesty as a human being and reflect how he lived his life into ones own life. We should come down from illusions and look into reality.  He was much more then just a man sitting on a throne all the time, and in this house we have a great chance to get a slight view of how he lived one important part of his life. He was a human being just like you and me and this is something that we all in Rastafari movement should really think about. This is one good place for that. His majesty too eat, sleep, pray and yes, went to toilet also, just like all of us. Fairfield House is a place of importance. Here we have a great opportunity to show, that we are capable to build unity amongst all the people involved in this project and live our lives in a manner that can make us worthy to call us by the name of the man who was very humble.  Fairfield House is also a place of importance for the people living in Bath, this is their history, in a big way. So please, do everything you can to safeguard this living piece of history to the children of Bath, one day they will be old and need His Majestys gift.

DeJuan Mims (ፋራጂ ዒማኙኤል), Birmingham (Fairlfield), AL
I valiantly support the endeavor to preserve the Fairfield House. Its history and significance to not only England’s past, but the world’s historical past is relevant to the world & should be a beacon of monumental value. PLEASE support this cause!

Angelina Silvers, Long Beach, CA
Organization: Rastafari Global Council 
I give my full support in the preservation of the Fairfield House which was once the residence of H.I.M Haile Selassie I. Retaining this sacred ground is imperative, and should always be regarded as such when it comes to H.I.M. The Fairfield House in Britain must be preserved, and maintained at all cost by the Rastafari Community as a historical site and meeting place as well as a educational facility for our youth for centuries to come.  The unity  amongst Rastafari will keep this sacred ground alive, and must be done globally.  Give Thanks to all of the frontline members of the Rastafari Global Council, and all of the other organizations that are making this initiative a reality. One Aim, One God, One Destiny.   Blessed Love

Katrien Van der Aa, Belgium, Holland
It is of vital importance that Fairfield House remains open, according to the wishes of His Imperial Majesty. It is a crucial heritage site and community centre and it should be used for cultural and educational purposes rather than being sold as real estate.

Zebe,  Birmingham
I feel it only right to adhere to the wishes of H.I.M Haile Selassie I.  He was and is a well known and respected monarch of history including English history linked to Africa,Ethiopia in particular who remain a christian country, not forgetting Jamaica. His influence is very prolific as a very forward thinking man. We should acknowledge his foresight and continue to do his bidding.  He stands for peoples future through all stages of our lives, overstanding the difficulties that old age can bring. He is a protector in many ways and giving Fairfield house to the elderly is another way of showing that insight.  Nobody would dare to take back the land( Shashemane) he gave to his fellow black people so why take this historical link away from a community in need. What ever I can do to help I will. Maybe the Rastafarian movement can rally round in some way as a united front.  Everything happens for a reason but we are in charge of our destiny.  Blessed love to all. RASTAFAR I.

Tony Thomas, London
Organization: Rastafari Council of Britain
We the Rastafari Council of Britain consider Fairfield House to be an iconic piece of Rastafari heritage in Britain. Haile Selassie gave the house as a gift to the people that supported him during those arduous war years, we believe that to sell the gift of Fairfield House to private investors would be a great tragedy.  We wholly support the idea of transforming this Rastafari and British heritage site into a community hub for Bath residents in particular ethnic minorities and senior citizens and an international mecca for Rastafari brethren the world over. We believe that Fairfield House has the potential to become a world famous site, increasing tourism and diversity in Bath by attracting followers of Rastafari from around the world. We back 100% the proposal to hand the house over to a trust if it has become unmanageable for the Bath and Somerset Council. We believe that the proposal is a win-win situation.

Liz Brant Millman, Wolverhampton
Organization: Learning Links International CIC
Fairfield House is a special place which has local, national and international significance. The times that His Imperial Majesty and his family spent in Britain are years that deserve special study. The film “The Footsteps of the Emperor” explains this importance. Fairfield House needs friends from all around the world to come together in respect of His Majesty to enable the proper maintenence and development in respectful recognition of this gift made by the Emperor. Congratulations to those who have worked so hard to maintain the actitives at the house and those who have put together this campaign. I pledge to do anything I can to support the work currently being undertaken at Fairfield House and to find other places where Haile Selassie spent time, for example, he visited my village of Blakedown in Worcestershire. As children we all felt proud that an Emperor had visited our village.

SG,  London
Ras Tafari, InI know the Importance and Historical value that Fairfield House holds for all Afrikans Ethiopians and Ras Tafari Familys those home and abroad,through Ivine Grace and Dignity of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I, it is set that InI rally to the call of Inity and support to upkeep and the maintenance of Fairfield House,this is a challenge InI should take on with courage love and strength….Ras Tafari……*

Lawrence Buabeng,  Bath
Organization: Snow Hill Skills and Enterprise Initiative
His Imperial Majesty’s house is a shrine as well as a legacy symbolic of triumph over adversity. Ras Tafari Live. The SHSEI is happy to undertake refurbishment and repair work to HIM residence and to set up a social enterprise to that end – H I M Property Maintenance Services.  We also intend to provide low cost building / decorating service for the elders of BEMSCA and beyond.

Moqapi Selassie, Birmingham
Fairfield House is a part of InI shared heritage and history and should be preserved for future generations. Jah Will be done.

Bredda B, Netherlands
Greetings and love. Please, keep the mansion at Bath open and available to visitors. The property is certaintly not only bricks and concrete, it stand for a time in history, of tribulation. A refuge for His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile I Selassie I, provided by the British government.  This should not be forgotten.

Rudolph Bennett, London
Fairfield House represents an important period in British, African and world history.  I encourage the Council of Bath to drop this move of selling this historic ( listed building) house and let it remain to serve its originally intended purpose as HIM Haile Salassie I wanted.  You should maintain it

Organization: Edutainment Promotion ( Jamaica)
In light of the long and enduring history of friendship between the peoples of Ethiopia and England and in view of the Divine & Sacred Personality of HIM Emperor Haile The First of Ethiopia and this His Gift of Fairfield House to the people of the community; coupled with the views, sentiments & wishes of The Rastafari Community & others, this House could serve to enhance the Anglo-Ethiopian bond and serve as a beacon of hope for all humanity.;

Yah Blak, London UK
Greetings In the. name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie 1. May we be guided and protected in meeting our obligation to preserve a land mark of our Ethiopian Heratiage, more importantly to mantinue to uphold and preserve the gift given to the Elderly and  wider community  of Bath.

Chris Wilson, London

Organization: CREED
I think Fairfield House should stay as according to HIS MAJASTEY’s wishes. http://CREED.COM

Voudoun, London
This is a gift to the people of Afrika and therefore cannot be taken.  It is therefore the people without haste and or given breath should and must restore the property back to its rightful position and take it back for to the rightful owners – the Royal Afrikans.

Dan Sykes, Bournemouth
It would be a travesty if this property which was gifted to the people were sold off to a private developer for their financial gain. It is of significant value both as a listed building and more importantly because of its place in history. It should not be forgotten that Britain stood by Haile Selassie, belatedly maybe, after the invasion of Ethiopia by Mussolini’s forces and helped defeat the Italians and restore the Solomonic Dynasty.

Ras Messenger, London
I am going to join with others to see how we can colectively get the funds to renovate house that it can continue  to serve as a place of historic proportions.

Mr J. Price, Birmingham
I pledge my support to save Fairfield House as it is of great importance to our cultural heritage and a part of history that should never be forgotten.

Rachael Hull, London  
Please keep Fairfield House open it was bequeathed to the people  and should remain for the people.  It is held in deep significance for Rastafarian people in Britain and further afield and should remain open for all and as a place to feel close to Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Dr R Anderson, Bath

Organization: BSU
I fully support all efforts to keep Fairfield House open and not to allow it to be purchased by a private buyer who will not respect H.I.M wishes for its future. It is part of Bath’s heritage, and, as such, should be preserved in the same way as other historical buildings in the city.

Alasdair Wilson, Worcester, England UK
It is clear to see from the diversity of countrys and state’s in which these loving comments have come from that H.I.M Hail Sellassie I was and still is a man of internaional importance. I call all British peoples with a love and faith for H.I.M to rally together to keep Fairfield House open. This is the time to show the power of faith. Ras Tafari is Love

Kirkland Murray,  London
I would like the Fairfield House to be remain open has a significant building in the History of Ethiopia and Rastafari International and national.  As a Rasta it has always been my desire after arriving into this country to go to Bath and view the house of His Gracious Majesty. On my journeys to Wales and the west countries Cornwall and Bristol I’m always tempted, very curiuos to go and see the house of an Ethiopia Emperor in a Roman City during the occupation of Italy in Ethiopia.

Fatima Q, Birmingham
I think it is completely unacceptable and disrespectful for private buyers to consider purchasing a property offered as a gift for the benefit of the community, particularly the elders. I am disappointed this has even come to this.

Iman Issachar, Birmingham UK
One love to all…Fairfield House must be repaired and maintained…..Please do not go against his wishes for Fairfield House and realise that the Ethiopian royal family blessed not only the house..the city of Bath..England…the uk…but the whole world. The love shown by the Lion of Judah to others during his exile was amazing and in turn gained support from many peace loving people….this will happen again im sure! RUN COME RALLY ROUND RASTAMAN CAMP!

Jayne Coombes,  North Somerset
For and on the record I agree that Fairfield House be open for the people, I support you in Solidarity against greed and oppression. From a supporter of every creative loving energy on this planet and beyond. Bless & Love.

Andrew Shiloh Selassie, Glasgow
Organization: Freedom From Hunger Campaign

The historical significance of Fairfield House will remain throughout history as the residence of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, Haile Selassie I during his exile in England, where HIM was able to form and alliance and friendship with the British not only to help free Ethiopia from fascist invasion but also through the sacrifice of the allied soldiers was able to redeem the British from its former colonial legacy. We shall not be swayed by the threats and lures of Babylon but will assuredly eliminate them. “We express Our gratitude to the government and people of Great Britain, for all the world to hear, on behalf of you and Ourselves, for the warm, generous and cordial reception and welcome they accorded Us during Our most trying period. Long Live Great Britain! Long Live Independent Ethiopia!” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 331

Maria Waithiegeni Illing, Kenya 
Organization: Empress Menen e.V.
Wadada! People all over the world are in solidaity with this ancient heritage site which is truely worth upkeeping it as the Emperor wished. government of britain should be carfull in his dealings with it and better fullfill its duty. if the government of the queen can not do it, it is must be HIS Majestys government to preserve the heritage because already Ras TafarI is a full government . Selah Selassie I Qedamawe I

Ika Tafara, Jamaica
Organization: Tafara
It is of spiritual and historical significance to a nation of people, plus a tribute in recognizing the examplary leadership abiliy and wise mind of H.I.M words and works to keep this House as a monument, espicially it being outside of Ethiopia in remembering his journey amoungst mankind. The essence of Haile Selassie has given the house a special character of importance so lets keep it that way. Love Rastafari

Bongo Wisely Tafari, St. Lucia
Organization: Caribbean Rastafari Organization Inc. (CRO)
The CRO strongly supports keeping Fairfield House open because it is a site of significant importance to the Ethiopian people; the residence of Bath and the International Rastafari community.The Fairfield House has played an important role in the liberation of Ethiopia. Qadamawi Haile Selassie made his wishes quite clear; he left the house for the people of Bath, not to be sold for financial gains, not to be used as real estate, but as a space for people of need. The CRO would like to see the Fairfield House be recognised and declared a Heritage Site. We also would like to see the formation of a committee comprising reps from the Bath Council, the Ethiopian Royal family and the Rastafari family in UK be formed to manage and promote this very historical institution. Please keep Fairfield House open as a means of respect to the works and legacy of Emperor Haile Selassie. NYAHBINGHI ORDER!!!

Rochambeau Jean Gabriel, Martique – French
Organization (optional): President de The Ethiopian World Federation inc local n°7
Beaucoup de remerciment pour cette engagement qui nous semble etre noble nous soutenon la demarche.  Ras Tafari.

Desta Meghoo – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Fairfield House represents an important period British, African and world history. What a loss of value it would be to the city to see this iconic home gone. I encourage the Ras Tafari, Pan African and community of Bath to ensure the historic home remain and serve its originally intended purpose. May the Most High guide this effort.

L. A. Stewart, Jamiaca
I grew seeing the impact of pride derived from Haile Selassie 1 on every Jamaican, while we may disagree on aspects of his life  we all agree on the pride he brought to us all, at a time when such things were in short supply, he has certainly contributed to the upward and forward stride of the peoples of Africa and countless well-wishers worldwide. Every bit of history, and certainly this place, does tell a story that means a lot to many people around the world, I think every ounce of history holds a great value for humanity so we should preserve every ounce of it.

Andito Camara, Earth
“Haile Selassie was fond of the house and the city of Bath, and writes about it fondly in his autobiography”.  With this statement,  considering how it is a benefit to people who need care and the fact that it is a great historic site for generations to come, it should remain open, it is a part of H.I.M.- story, and he has made a great mark on mankind. Keep the memories alive, it ingnites, positivity, apprecilove, and commands respect for the king of Kings, Lord of Lords and the conquering Lion of Judah…H.I.M Haile Selassie I,…Let truths and wisdom stand!

Ras Bobby D, North Carolina USA
Organization: JAH Works Nyabhinghi Drums & Art  (Drum Maker)
Greetings and love in the name of His Majesty, Haile Selassie the First.  I am writing this in support of keeping up with the Fairfield house and continuing to have the good deeds of Haile Selassie brought forth through the works of InI.  This house was donated for the elderly to be cared for and JAH people must provide for the elderly!  No more babylon profit!    InI in full support of this house becoming an international historic landmark as well as continuing to house the elderly.  This house is a major part of history that needs to remain public foriver.  The city of Bath must hold on to this part of history so InI can never forget how they fit into the history of Ethiopia’s past.   …..To the UK a nation which calls themselves Christian,  please do not ignore the wishes of the King of Kings the Lord of Lords, the conqureing Lion of the tribe of Judah!   To do against Christ is to become the devil.

Jjaja Kiwa – Masaka, Uganda
The writing is on the wall, for what a privelege  for Bath to host the almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the conquering Lion of Judah HIM Haile Selassie I! Now, plumber- go plumb, electrician- electrify, roof fixer-don’t wait for the rain! Bath council and everyone who recognize the works of HIM must come together and realize what is about to happen if preservation is not manifest. Think of revenue-tourist, historian,……just do the right thing.

Garth Tee, Bedford
I fully support all efforts to keep fairfield house open and not to let this historical house be purchased by a private buyer that will not respect h.i.m wishes for the future of this sacred establishment,one love to all those that put respect before financial greed..jah bless….

Rob, Bristol
Just looking at the statements of support proves how important a place it is to so many people. You are all an inspiration. Is it clear exactly what is needed to save the house for it unique hertiage significance? It seems like there is a lot of love, respect and energy here from supporters to take some postive action..

LJ Oshin, UK
Organization: Independent Hype video
A place of great peace and up lift’ment ….  yes a holy place for all.

ReggaePeople, London
We the ReggaePeople fully support the keeping of Fairfield House because the Emperor gave this house to the city so that it can be used by the elderly as a care/support home, and also for the history and herritage.

Bro. Paliani, Africa
Organization: Kemet Forum
Kemet Forum vehemently opposes the move to sell this house in which His Imperial Majesty Empero Haile Selassie once resided while in exile in England.  No-one can adequately describe how those of us who are ardent followers of HIM feel with regards to the worthiness of this house. It is worth more than the dollars and the pounds. The best thing that can be done is never let the house be sold but instead be utilized as HIM wished (ie charity).

Sis Abeje, Bristol
Fairfield House is of significance in our history and heritage.  H.I.M. Haile Selassie I left his personal estate for the benefit of our elders in the community. The Local Authority should make it a priority to protect and keep the historic environment and this should include understanding the importance of this heritage to the wider community and beyond.

Helen Leigh, Cambridge
This is an important place for the elders of the local ethnic community where they can meet and socialize and get support.  The history of Rastafari should be respected as much as more traditional history and not just the middle class white history in Bath.  Strength to your campaign!

Wolette Selassie, USA

Organization: Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association, Inc.
Fairfield House, in Newbridge, Bath, England, was the residence of HIM from 1935-1941 during that terrible time when Mussolini carried out his systematic extermination campaign upon the Ethiopian people while the world stood by and watched; it was here in Bath that His Majesty planned the liberation of our beloved country, from fascist occupation, which was a safe heaven provided by the British Crown.  Before His Imperial Majesty returned to His beloved country in 1941, HIM donated Fairfield House to the Newbridge government as a safe heaven for the elderly, as such, Farifield has Grade II site status which is akin to a UN World Heritage Site, which means:  it is protected by the British government and it should also have been maintained and never sold nor demolished, extended )(sold) or altered without special permission from the local planning authority (which typically consults the relevant central government agency, particularly for significant alterations to the more notable listed buildings). Owners of listed buildings are, in some circumstances, compelled to repair and maintain them and can face criminal prosecution if they fail to do so or if they perform unauthorised alterations; since the owner of Fairfield is likely the British government [Council] in Bath, this matter, therefore, deserves the attention of the British Parliment and the Queen since she was on good relations with HIM.  The government in Bath has no right to “sell” the property just because they have not  maintained it.

Aricka, London
That would be a Great lost to  Bath and our Community Bath connects links between East and West the fact that this wonderful villa has been a save haven for Haile Selassie and his family and a reminder that the UK is a save haven  even for  the KING of KINGS. We need to preserve this Great House and  memory intact.

Idren, Bournemouth
Organization: ROOTS CAMP UK
We need to perserve all royality. This building the home of Haile Selassie I , should not be sold or taken over. We in UK should be honoured to have had the King staying here,  so why remove and erase history of a great Ethiopian King? Worldwide support is truly needed.  Why is money an issue, and is there no council or society or even someone rich who wants to support a good cause and sponser this before it’s taken away? Love and thanks to all who support this project.  If you dont know Haile Selassie please check and find.  We need to keep this house.  People from 4 corners of the world come to visit Fairfield House in lovely Bath.  Remember H.I.M. said He liked it there because it reminded Him of Ethiopia.  Can the United Nations not help us?

Gabriel Maring – Eichstätt, Germany
This house is a place of historical concern on the one hand and a very distinguished place for Rastafarians all over the world. It would be a great disrespect to the Rastafarian Movement, to the past and to His Imperial Majesty, if this house would be closed. Please preserve this house for all of us and our acces to our
history – and especially for following generations. Haile Bless.

Luca – Belluno, Italy
It’s a strongly important place for InI and it must be kept open. Blessings.

Steven Gill, Kent
Organization: Innovationz
In this  fast time of modernisation  and technology,  it becomes increasingly important to maintain a connection with things from the past that are important, relevant and historic.  Fairfield House is an important heritage site, that should be remembered and maintained.  What type of world will this be if we maintain no connection with the past?  Equality is about respecting everybodys faith and religion and religous and historical buildings.  I urge you seriously  to reconsider this decision.  In Peace.

Nicholas Cash, London
I think Fairfield House should be kept open, as a tribute to Haie Selassie who was instrumental in the defeat of the Axis in north Africa. As  an important heritage site for all Rastafarians and as a historicaly important building for the UK.

William Cosgrove, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Organization: Bill Cosgove/Son’s Masonry Contractors…
Being a stone mason for 29 years, even I am amazed at the wonderful condition of this historic building, Let’s not forget the fact that this building was believed to be 100 years old when The Emperor of Ethiopia resided there. The contrast of the building is rather striking with the 2nd story fire place built pertruding from the wall as if it is standing on it’s own.Quite a feat in the 1840’s. If you folks at Fairfield House ever need a consultation regarding your building feel free to e-mail me, as I live way across the pond… Cheers…

Marsha Lioness Sampson, London United Kingdom
This is an historical location , in which his majesty paid for,  As an Black British female, with African heritage I have visited the location on 2 occasions and planned to take my children and family here.. I am very hurt to here what is planned… It is not fair and I cannot comprehend why this is happening… I fully support keeping Fairfield House….

Empress Cassandra, New York, USA
Please keep Fairfield House open according to the wishes of H.I.M.. He was an a man of peace and equality. Please do not demean what his life meant to millions by throwing away a part of his legacy.  Thank You.

Seymour Mclean, London

Ras Tafari, InI was at Fairfield and Empress Menen Gardens only first strong, and took some pictures, the house is closed and in need of repair, InI can help, the first time Sis Wolette Medhin took some of InI pictures and placed them in Fairfield, pictures of His Majesty and his Royal Family, InI are sure the peoples of Bath can lead and sustain an appeal to save Fairfield and keep that villa alive in the Community.

John Feather, Bath
After speaking with a member of the Rastafarian community I was moved by his love and devotion for this once residence of Haile Selassie and I feel this reason alone is enough to prove the nessecity of the continued existence of Fairfield House and its use both as a Rastafarian prayer room and as a day centre for the wider community involved with or dependent on the work done by BEMSCA. From a Bath heritage point of view I personally would like to see money spent on buildings such as this one rather than the huge amounts of money spent on the Spa project. Lets look after the buildings and areas of the city we have already before embarking
on grand and costly new building projects. Lets keep Fairfield House open and operating for all, for good!

Clayton Hibbert, Berkeley, CA – USA

Please keep Fairfield House open according to His Majesty’s wishes.   His Majesty stood for education, equality and was a world diplomat for peace, love & unity – at home and abroad. Let’s respect H.I.M. and our history.  It is also symbolic for the love that the people of the UK showed His Majesty.

Makeeba Browne, California, USA
I am an American who has spent a significant time in England, studying the nation’s culture and history at different points of my career. One of the most remarkable aspects of English culture is its ability to preserve its landmarks with honor and integrity, including the rich and more diverse pieces that draw from a myriad of other cultures. In this regard, closing the Fairfield House would be immensely unfortunate. This landmark is important in reflecting England’s history of inclusion and also adds a unique spin on traditional English history, typically lost to those who are not born in England.

Amanda Amid, Berkeley, CA – USA
Please save Fairfield House and keep it open according to Emperor Haile Selassie’s wishes. Very important for the history of MANY PEOPLE. Please…… don’t deny history any more than it has been denied in the past. This is an opportunity to respect the wishes of people by respecting historic property & historical heritage.  Give thanks

John, Berkshire
I support the cause for Fairfield House to remain open to the public and especially for the elderly citizens of Bath. This was His Majesty’s wishes and so it should be set. I visited myself once and thoroughly enjoyed the place. The staff are more than helpful and I hear volunteers are at the moment tending to the gardens of the house which is a wonderful thing. There has been a buzz of activity surrounding the house over the years, as well as being a day centre for Bath Ethnic Minority Senior Citizens Association it has appeared in documentaries,been used for gatherings/events from Rastafarians to the Anglo Ethiopian society as well as being a place of interest for anybody into history. And how can the historical significance of it be overlooked? Fairfield house should be recognised for the historical gem that it is by The City of Bath and perhaps promoted on their tourism websites alongside other places to encourage more visitors and that could equal more donations to help keep the runnings of it afloat. Whatever the case may be.. Dont pull the plug on it!

Philipp,  Austria

Fairfield House is a highly regarded historic property and currently plays a crucial role in the  community of Bath, according to the will of Emperor Haile Selassie I, which should be generally respected. I’n’I as a Family Wordlwide support the aspirations of our brothers and sisters in the UK in keeping the House devoted to the purpose it serves right now.  Peace.

Monia, Sheffield
Its very important that this House stays open, IN TERMS of Historical and Social importance. The fact that the Emperor stayed here, and his Eloquence in leaving this residence for the elderly, WE as rasta, learn the importance of taking care of our elders, so yes they MUST KEEP THIS RESIDENCE OPEN. The last time they went against his Majesty, World War Two happened. LEAVE THE HOUSE BE.

Chiara, Italy, Lecce
House of God, don’t close the door!

Fiqirte Egziabher, Italy
“Many people used to visit US at Our Home called Fairfield. The house had many rooms and was chilly. The view through its front windows always reminded US of the hills of Harer. WE never went to the theater or any other place of entertainment. Our only recreation was the time WE spent chatting with Our Children. WE stayed awake late in the night reading books and writings the history of Our Life. (…)”
Quoted from ‘Our Life at Bath and the Chapel We set up at the Fairfield Residence, My Life and Ethiopia’s Progress – Volume two’ – Emperor Haile Sellassie I
Please we need the knowledge of our History as we need the lymph of our roots to go forward!

Ras Lietus, Lithuania
It is crucial to honour the honoured people, since His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I is the Honourary Freeman of the City of Bath, it would be fair to keep the Fairfield House as according to the wishes of this Great Man. This is in accordance to the goodwill and cooperation and in remembrance of the fallen British soldiers in WWII, who fought in order to help free Ethiopia. Keeping promises, in my opinion, demonstrates the honour of the a person, let alone a city. If the City of Bath will honour H.I.M’s wishes, this will bring honour to this ancient city and shall be a great testimony of it’s great history.

M Neville, England
Fairfield House should be kept open in order to maintain the history and culture of Africa and this house symbolises an important era of a great nation – Ethiopia – and its struggles in maintaining its independance from foreign invasion. The Emperor, Haile Sellasie I was a extermely important figure, not only for HIS country, but as an ambassador for equal rights and world peace.  Throughout history black people had been denied their freedom and liberty, so lets not allow history to repeat itself. Selah x

Lyall S Burst, United Kingdom
Keep Fairfield open, don’t deny the history of many people by closing Fairfield, keep it open allow people to learn, to deny education is to deny a right. long live Jah.

Ras Chindawi Givemore Chakanyuka, London
Organization: Zimbabwe We Can Movement
Please keep this  unique  Heritage open for the sake of our future generation.Jah live and love.

Leuel Adejengbe Ashenafi Aklilu, Ila-Orangun, Nigeria
Organization: His Majesty Inc.
As a Rastaman and a lover of heritage and culture, I beseech the Bath Council in the name of my God and King Qedamawi Haile Selassie to please indulge to keep a site of such great importance and significance in Fairfield Mansion. Keep it open to the public as to the wish of our King. May Jah Love and Light itinually shine pon those that stand for this cause, Selah

Love NB Loved, United States
Organization: LOVE
If we just sit quietly with self we’ll discover something so real as the love of love. It permeates through our hearts, mind, body and soul. Deliver us from and all mighty disease called hate (greed, ugliness, selfish, immorality, lies, deceit, negativity and no soul. Please if you had one wish to be able to regain you sense of dignity and responsibility to save what you have left in your soul, make it now and just support for it is the future for all of our children…for were we once ….children of ~love~ blessed are the meek for they shall …(shall) inherit the earth. Love nbloved :}

Mulugetq Tafesse, Belgium and Ethiopia

Keep the heritage of Ethiopian History.  Keep Fairfield House, in the City Of Bath. Keep The Memory Of HIM Alive ! Long Live Rastafarianism ! Ja, Ja, Ja.

Esther Anderson, Chelsea, London
Organization: Trenhorne Films
As a documentary film maker and contributer to the recording of the history of people of AFRICAN DESCENT its is imperitive that a monument like the Residence/ Home H.I.M.Haile Selassie 1st,Emperor of Ethiopia and Head of the  Pan African Organisation remain open to the public. Here he and the Empress MENEN and their children resided  during his exile from ETHIOPIA, while the Italian Facist Dictator  Mussolini who had invaded his country bombed  and mustard gassed his people. We the descendants of the African Nations appeal to UNESCO and BRITISH HERITAGE to safeguard this site as a Monument to the Head of the Oldest Christian Kingdom on EARTH.

Philip Wauters, Belgium
Organization: formerly Ras Tafari University of Zion
I am asking the Bath Council to acknowledge the wish of Emperor Haile Selassie I, worldwide known as the champion of the poor, the small and underprivileged, to keep Fairfield mansion open. It could be used as a museum to display the struggle of Haile Selassie for the independence of Ethiopia and all people who suffer under foreign oppression and invasion. In this way Bath could also be a representative and interactive location for Western and Ethiopian researchers and artists to interact, display and discuss topics in the field of this H.I.M.portant part of our HIS-story. It could be a place for encounters, debates and research. It would be the best way to keep the heritage of the work of Haile Selassie I alive!

Jah Rootsman, South Africa
“The people themselves must come to realize their own difficulties in the development of their community and try to solve them by
collective participation following an order of priority and taking their potentiality into account” Qadamawi Haile Selassie.
As Rastafari, Fairfield House is one of the most important heritages left to I&I by our King, H. I. M. Haile Selassie I, for Rastafari from all over the world to come for peace and spiritual identification. Personally, it has always been an ambition of I&I to visit Bath as a form of pilgrimage and the idea that it will be no more is so distasteful and abominable to the spirit of which the King has intended. These people should actually be charged with crimes against humanity for creating such pain in our bosoms. Does it mean nothing to them that Haile Selassie I was granted FREEMAN of the City because the House was an integral part of HIM history? IDRENS, PLEASE DON’T FALTER OR DIGRESS FROM THE EPIC WORKS DI I’S IS PERFORMING. It is a well built LEGACY for our children. Heartical thanks and strong forward in RASTAFARI.

Ms.T, Canada
Fairfield House is a hugely important location for many people in the world, for many different reasons.  For Rastas, the Ethiopian diaspora, historians, and those interested in the amazing connections in our shared histories.  More can be done to make Fairfield House a known about location in Bath’s already significant tourist trails.  Long live Fairfield House, and the Emperor’s wishes…to close this would be like closing all of Jah’s messages!

Jef Van der Aa “Jahfree Amos”, Belgium and Finland
I joined Jah Rebel a couple of weeks ago in visiting Fairfield House on a road trip to Bath which included also the Little Theatre (where His and Her Imperial Majesty watched the news reel on the balcony) and the Mayor’s Office which had the declaration of Haile Selassie becoming a Freeman of the City. The House is one of many attractions on a trail that could easily be offered by the City of Bath as a tourist attraction (thus enriching what the house already means to Rastafarians, Ethiopians and others). Let’s organize and rethink the purpose of the house, the trail and Bath as not just a Roman, but also an Ethiopian historical site! Good luck!

Irie Dawta, United States
This would be an abomination! DO NOT CLOSE H.I.M. home. When I visited in 2002, I FELT H.I.M. presence and was so proud to have experienced the joy of knowing this great person. Let others feel it too! PRESERVE FAIRFIELD HOUSE!

BIinghi Congo-Nyah, London
I am willing to support it in every way I can. Let me know what can be done asap.

Location: Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, Jamaica
Organization: Ethiopian Orthodox Church
This House is an important part of the history of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, whom I&I RAspect as the highest human ever to have lived in modern history. His stay in England was important to preserving his Monarchy when Ethiopia was under Italian siege and the fact that it was given to England by H.I.M. makes it a historic site. Rastafari in the West think the preservation of this House is important and would ask that everything be done to retain it, and if possible to hand it over to the care and protection of the international Rastafari community. ONE LOVE.  http://Facebook/BarbaraBlakeHannah

Ras Moziah, Azania (South Africa)
Organization: H.I.M. Society
H.I.M. Society supporters Fairfield House to be reserved and preserved as an International Heritage site. His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I is a great African leader whose contributions to world history go without mentioning. His legacy is still carried on by us the RasTafari bredren and sistren worldwide. Let this site be secured.

JAHDefenda, London Town
Please save this important historical building, preserve it for the future generations.

Judith Jacob, London, England
Fairfield House is full of history and the conection with his Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie is amazing also the continual links with the Rastafarian community is great. Fairfield House needs to stay open not only because of its history but for the works that it continues to do with people who are in need and benefit from the generous support.

Helen & Mark Baillie, Oxfordshire
“We are living in the love of the father / Living in the house of the almighty” Keep Fairfield House open – to the foundation.

Philip Morrissey, Melbourne, Australia
Hold on to the Heritage and living symbolism of Fairfield House.

Roberta Hutchins, Exeter
I think it would be a huge loss and very short-sighted of Bath to sell this important piece of their heritage. Bath has spent huge amounts of money on preserving other areas of their city’s heritage and I think should be valuing this piece of heritage equally. It may not be Roman but it is a hugely important historical symbol.  And unlike some other buildings which have been preserved purely for their heritage for people to visit, Fairfield house was actually donated with a genuine wish for the benefit of others.

Empress Fyah, London
For once, let YOUR WORD be YOUR BOND!!!  Preserve Fairfield House and the history of Bath!

David Lewis, Essex
This must be saved!  Buildings of such importance must be respected.

Joyce Akrasi, London
Fairfield house is an important and significant socio-historial symbol of black history in the UK and internationally. Every effort must be made to secure the future of this building and the stories it holds. This is somewhere that if marketed properly could be a positive legacy for young black people to visit as part of a hidden history. In the future when I have children I want to be able to take them there…

Davide Nasato, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Don’t sell I&I History

Marzia, Rome

Please keep Fairfield open as a preservation of our heritage. Rastafari Selassie I Menen I Jah Rastafari

Judah, Manchester
Historical landmark! DONT SELL FAIRFIELD HOUSE

Raj Lalla, Bath

Organization: BREC
Statement of Support for Fairfield House: Fairfield House is a very improtant part of the heritage of the City of Bath and Black people. Bath is a UNESCO heritage City and as such an important part of its heritage – Fairfield House – should not be sold and fall into private hands. His Imperial Majesty gave the House as a gift to the people of Bath and therefore should remain accessible to the public. It is certain that if the House is sold, the money will disappear in a flash and so will its heritage as people will not have access. This must not happen.  The House is part of of local, national and international heritage; it must not be closed.

Shi’loh Binyamin Shimon, Harare,  Zimbabwe
Only the righteous can enter JAH HOUSE …

Ebenezer Omole, Nigeria
Organization: Exactmobile
Put everything in the hand of the Lord.

Lois, London

Dear Bath, I visited Bath a few years back now and was blown way the architecture and the beautiful atmosphere in and around Bath. My visit was make extra special on finding out about Fairfield House and its connection with Emperor Haile Selassie I, and on leaving, I had made it a particular reason to revisit the City as soon as possible. Being brought up in London and within a Rastafarian household, Fairfield House for me serves as a connection to Bath itself and a much-needed and appreciated historic and cultural monument. Having this extraordinary addition to such a beautiful City gives Bath a special meaning to the varied cultural background which make up our immediate society in Bath and England. I would love to be able to tell my Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews in years to come about the importance of Fairfield House and would love that this building is still around when they grow a bit older and would like to gain insight, knowledge and a sense of self-esteem and understanding of living and growing in such  multi-cultured society.  DONT SELL FAIRFIELD HOUSE!! IT’S A TREASURE that should be there for all to embrace!!

Daniel Leonardo Gomez Torres, Bogota, Colombia
Organization: Comunidad Etiope Rastafari
Please keep Fairfield open as a preservation of our heritage.

Dorothy Yananiso Jestina Chitsaka, Zimbabwe, Harare
Please keep the Fairfield House open for it serves to keep the History of Love as a religion through the teachings of His Imperial Majesty and his attachment to the house. Our history is our Heritage and we all need to know where we come from as to as to know our way forward and as a Rasta I believe in fairness and equality that is summed up  in Love, refer to 1 Corinthians 13.  Love is kind and patient and all that stand in the light that gives us knowledge to understand Jah Love and His Majesty ‘s life  teaches I & I  a great lot and Fairfield House is a part of his live as he is Everliving let us let this House live…ONE LOVE all the way from the Motherland in Zimbabwe.

Simeon Levi, London
In this time of political unrest, Fairfield House stands as a reminder of the warning that His Imperial Majesty gave to the nations at the League of Nations when He made His address for support, even though none was offered at the time. This meant that H.I.M needed a place to be safe to be able to return to His people as regent, He did not wish to come, He was made to leave his people, and in the sadness of his heart despite his plea and leaving his people, the ignorance of the nations leaders meant His message to them went unheeded. Until such a time that those very nations he sought assistance from and warned when He told them, “Today it was Ethiopia, tomorrow it could be you!” were in the line of fire and at threat from Mussolini and Hitler, did they act. As it seems only when something comes knocking at our own door do many stand up to fight, so I am standing up to fight. Fairfield House should remain, money could be used from defence budgets, tax collection, the lottery, there is so much money out there, yet they try to fool us that there is none. In recent times, Fairfield house has been a cultural centre and assists with the elderly, so for this good cause alone, do not close it, build upon the history and efforts it has made to make those aware that when we come together as one, we achieve great things, when we stand alone, we are a voice in the wilderness. I pray that the conscience and Gnosis that you possess as a council should make you aware of the fundamental importance of a centre for the youth and elderly in this current economic climate, why are you closing it??? What do you hope to gain from this? Please use this beautiful building as it was utilised by the Emperor HIM Haile Selassie, for peace, support and assistance to those who have need and forget greed, forget finance, have faith and you will find a way.

Michelle Henning, Bristol
Organization: University of the West of England
Keeping Fairfield house open and in public ownership is about keeping alive a space for people in need. It is also about keeping a piece of fascinating history alive, which gives Bath and the region a special place in the hearts of communities worldwide. At a time and in a place where “heritage” is so important, we need to consider whose heritage is being represented and how best to preserve the wonderfully diverse histories we share.

Dr. Madge Dresser, Bristol
Organization: University of the West of England
I would urge that this house be saved. It connects the Bath area with an internationally important figure and as such will attract new international constituencies, if properly marketed. It is also one of the few historic attractions in the area with a specific appeal for young Black people who are elsewhere a marginal presence in the area’s heritage sites. Given the increasing appreciation of the global dimensions of heritage sites, it would be a retrograde step not to safeguard and indeed cherish this site.

Rossi Rossiter, Bath, UK
Fairfield House is a property of historical and cultural importance and must not be allowed to be closed or sold into private ownership as per the wishes of His Imperial Majesty, who left the property to the people of Bath and for the use of the people of Bath. The city of Bath; being a UNESCO World Heritage site and its’ council should know better than anyone the need for such properties to be preserved and protected, especially those that provide such a valuable service to the city’s elderly. After all it’s precisely this preservation of its’ history that keeps Bath’s city council’s coffers full of tourist currency.  Please show your support to this cause by adding your statement or by fundraising to enable the preservation of Fairfield House to continue. The importance of Fairfield House to the Ras Tafari faith, the people of Ethiopia, and that of Africa itself should not be overlooked but cherished and shared with the world. If its story were to be told then it would only add to the history and beauty of Bath and I doing so would make this English city even more fascinating.

Radiance, Johannesburg
Please keep Fairfield open as a preservation of our heritage. His Imperial Majesty’s wish was for it to serve as a place/refuge for our elders keeping the African spirit of Ubuntu alive for our children and their children to draw from.

Simon Saunders, Portsmouth
I moved from Portsmouth to Bath and whilst living there the city treated me well and if I’d know this historical site was there would’ve loved to have visited it and learnt something. I’d like to visit Bath in the near future and think it would be a shame for myself, other visitors’ and local people especially the young not to be able to see the diversity a city like Bath has to offer including this interesting site.

Nanda, Brazil
Fairfield House must be kept open! His Imperial Majesty left this place for the good of the people and this is a material heritage to everyone. I’m sure many other places in UK could be sold instead of the Fairfield House and I’m sure Bath council has many other ways to make money. Leave the Fairfield House for those who need it!

Rachel Willis Murray, Bristol
I support this house staying open – please add your support for this too – this is a really important site in terms of heritage and faith.

MagaDuppy, Babylon
HAILE I, It is not too long ago that I visited Fairfield House. I had no appointment but was let in anyway. Very kind people there take care of the elderly. It would be a sad thing for the community of Bath to lose this place as it is. His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile I Selassie I Jah RasTafarI gave it to this community to be maintained and useful. It would also be a loss for the livity of RasTafarI and the Idren & sistren who trod this livity for so long. It is a place of municipal, cultural, historical and RasTafarI importance. Jah and history will remember your judgement. Selah.

Lisa Ebert, Cheddar, Somerset
This house is a site of great historical and cultural significance and as such should be held in trust as a memorial/museum for all to enjoy and of course not least as a sanctuary for the poor and elderly as intended by H. I.M Haile Selassie himself.

Gareth Miles, Wales
Fairfield House was left by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I to be used by the elderly and needy residents of Bath, not to be sold to the highest bidder for private profit. Fairfield House has a special significance to we who identify with the Rastafari culture and way of life, but its significance is certainly not limited to Rastafari people. It should stand as a potent symbol of international solidarity against oppressive forces, embodied in their crudest form by Mussolini’s fascism, as well as a practical space catering for the needs of the poor and elderly who are too often neglected in this system that professes to be so civilised, yet which hides barbarism under a genteel veneer. At a time when the most rapacious and greedy in society are amassing more and more wealth and privilege for themselves at the expense of the general public, we should draw a clear line in the sand and say that we will not let Fairfield House become the mere private property of any wealthy individual to be hoarded away – it is a treasure that should be shared with all without the profit motive coming into it, as directed by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Doreen Marsden, Cheshire
Organization: Sacred Space
Hi I found yourselves through Sista Mary Dread. I have a Collins Clear Type Dictionary which has been well used, with a signature of Emperor Haile Sallasie (note the two ll in spelling) and Abbysinnia 1935. There is also a date at top of the page 30.9.2? a bit obscure. If this is of any value would you let me know as I am sure that it would also help fund HIM home in Bath . Thank you so much.

Doug Lynch, New York, USA
That building should be deemed as a historical landmark. Anything to deal with Beau Nash and John Wood is important to the city. Why not Fairfield House?

Abundance Ital Livity, London, UK
Organization (optional): Abundance-Ital Creations.
Like Benjamin Zephaniah the most accurately stated: “The importance of Fairfield cannot be over stated. Rastafarians and Africans all over the world acknowledge that this house in a corner of Bath played a significant role in the liberation of Ethiopia. But this is only part of the story. Emperor Haile Selassie made his wishes very clear, he left the house for the people of bath. Not to be brought and sold for financial gain, not to be used as real estate, but as a practical space for people in need.  There are very few practical, majestic, and tangible connections between the people of Africa and the people of Britain than this beautiful house. I have seen how this house brings Asian, white and black people together. This house is about love, this house is about history, this house is about people. We are people, but we must defend it like lions.” and Lionesses…  🙂

Ruth Willis, Newcastle
Please keep Fairfield House open.

Raph, Bristol

While I was in London, I learnt a lot about black history from Tony Warner and in return helped him with his website Black History Walks (see below). I’ve work in Bristol for 3 years and brought load for my Trini family and friends to visit Bath without knowing this most significant black history story.  Very well done Shawn for tell our own story.  I’ve already sent an email to expect me for the BEMSCA Fundraising Christmas Fete… Bless.

Yahson Ray Perry, North Carolina, USA
Please keep Selassie house open, to carry out his wishes, thanks.

Sviggy, Cape Town
Please keep Fairfield House open according to His Majesty’s wishes… seen.

Mapfumo Tinago, Zimbabwe
Save Fairfield,the sacred footsteps of the Emperor trod earth for humanity’s sake. Free-up the land City of Bath, history shall recall…!!!

Mary Holden, London, UK
Fairfield House has immense historical significance for this country, for Ethiopia, for Africa and for the world as well as for Ras Tafari people everywhere. His Imperial Majesty gifted it to the people of Bath not to the council. Would the council sell the Cathedral or the Roman baths? Fairfield House is more important than either of those sites. If the true history of Fairfield is publicised millions of tourists will wish to see the building. Please Bath council start thinking of ways to save this important heritage site not of making money selling it. Ras Tafari

Samantha Thomson, Bristol
I support this house staying open – please add your support for this too – this is a really important site in terms of heritage and faith.

Roland van Reenen, Netherlands
I am asking the Bath Council to acknowledge the wish of Emperor Haile Selassie I, worldwide known as the champion of the poor, the small and underprivileged, to keep Fairfield mansion open. It could be used as a museum to display the struggle of Haile Selassie for the independence of Ethiopia and all people who suffer under foreign oppression and invasion. A very important statement for the case of independence and self-sufficiency of all oppressed people everywhere! It would be the best way to keep the heritage of the work of Haile Selassie I alive!

Kondwani Silas Makina, Cape Town
We of the Rastafarian Faith hereby persuade the Bath Council to recognise the Importance of the Fairfield Mansion as a Heritage Site and declare it a Heritage Site. Our Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellasie the First gave this residence to the Bath Council as a gift when he left England in 1941 and it will be betrayal to sell it, please understand that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie the First is Our God, Light of This World and Earth’s Rightful Ruler, I am Malawian and even in Malawi the Site which is adjacent to the Queen’s view is Haile Sellassie View – A Heritage Site on Zomba mountain. H.I.M Rastafarii was also crowned King of Kings of Malawi by all the paramount chiefs in August 1965, we also have Haile Sellassie Road in Malawi Blantyre (a sister city to Blantyre in Scotland), I raise all these points to enlighten you of how important Haile Sellassie is to Africa and the world, Haile Sellassie pleaded the cause of smaller nations amongst the more developed nations most of which are Europeans. We wish to bequeath to our progeny the truth of what history has recorded. The British pledged to `save Haile Sellassie to the end’ upon his Coronation on 2nd November 1930 in a speech delivered by the Duke of Gloucester sent by the Queen of England however they betrayed HIM when they refused to curb Benitto Moussolini’s inhumane self-interest at the Geneva Conference in 1936 until the year 1939 when Moussolini and Hitler stabbed the British in the back, at this point the British repented and helped H.I.M Haile Sellassie take back Ethiopia. We genuinely have deep respect for the British since they admit misgivings and endeavour to correct the wrong of the past wherever they can, this disposition is noble.  Selling the Fairfield Mansion would amount to betraying the Just, Faithful and Courageous cause of Ethiopia as declared by Psalm 68 especially on the verse 31 in the Holy Scriptures. As far as the Rastafarians are concerned Haile Sellassie will rule till eternity in the heart of all humble human beings regardless of race , colour or creed, it is in this light that we humbly plead with the Bath Council to declare the Fair field Mansion a Heritage Site as we have unshakable faith that The Heritage Site of the Fairfield Mansion will serve as physical evidence of the Hospitality that the British afforded the King of Kings of Ethiopia, Lord of Lords and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Zion, Elect of God and CHAMPION OF COLLECTIVE SECURITY in his hardest times in this great future of all nations under the Sun since we are confident in the Victory of Good over Evil. Please do not belittle the historical value of the Fairfield Mansion. In the Spirit of Persuasion, Yours Faithfully, Kondwani Makina, Rastafarian, African Architectural Technologist

Fungayi Mutamba, Ireland

Professor Benjamin Zephaniah, China
The importance of Fairfield cannot be over stated. Rastafarians and Africans all over the world acknowledge that this house in a corner of Bath played a significant role in the liberation of Ethiopia. But this is only part of the story. Emperor Haile Selassie made his wishes very clear, he left the house for the people of bath. Not to be brought and sold for financial gain, not to be used as real estate, but as a practical space for people in need.  There are very few practical, majestic, and tangible connections between the people of Africa and the people of Britain than this beautiful house. I have seen how this house brings Asian, white and black people together. This house is about love, this house is about history, this house is about people. We are people, but we must defend it like lions.

Abigail Davies, Bristol
Emperor Haile Selassie’s sojourn at Fairfield House in Bath is one of the most remarkable and unexpected events in the recent history of the city.  It does the city great credit that it showed such courtesy to this great world leader in his darkest hour; a courtesy that the Emperor returned by bequeathing Fairfield House as a resource for the city’s elderly citizens.  What a tragedy to lose this unique monument to cross-cultural friendship especially as it continues to serve the city in the way the Emperor intended.

Chris Leigh, Bath, UK

Fairfield House means far too much to be just left by the wayside. It is a deep honour to be working in the garden of the house where His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I lived, especially with Pauline and the BEMSCA team doing such excellent work inside. From the support I have seen and heard so far, I  know the city of Bath hasn’t forgotten His Majesty. Let it be known that I and I  RastafarI people will be gathering at the house on the date 11/11/2011, with anyone welcome to come and show their love.

Joanna Middleton, London
I support the continued opening of Fairfield House, as it is a hugely important site for Rastafarians residing in Britain, who wish to sustain cultural ties with the head of our faith and also as it has historical importance globally and generates visits from all corners of the earth, not just from those of our faith, but  for people who have an interest in historical residences as a whole.

Josie D’Arby, London
It saddens me greatly that such an important part of black history , which means so much to large parts of the black community ,is being treated by the current council in such a callous way. Would they be to so quick to sell off a building which had similar significance in British history , i think not. The story of this house and who lived there , his bravery in over coming the italians and his relationship with the british is very much a part of world history and should be respected as much . It is an insult to an entire section of the community to view this important house as just another transaction. And an insult to the memory of an amazing man and wonderful leader.

Masimba Musodza, Middlesbrough
: Self and on behalf of the Middlesbrough Rastafarian Assembly
The Rastafarian people have no economic, social or political power and rely on the benevolence of others. If the authorities in Bath were to understand how this House means so much to us, how it offers a bridge between us and other communities and people around the world, if they could look in to our hearts and see the anguish we feel that we cannot prevent what will be a most grievous event for us…..If only for compassion’s sake, please keep Fairfield House!!

Jah Rebel, Belgium
I just visited Fairfield this week and the place merits to be saved and turned into a proper heritage site! Pauline and Raj are doing great work, but it’s clear the funds are just not there, so time to take action!

Dr Shawn Naphtali-Sobers, Bristol, UK
Organization: University of the West of England / Firstborn Studios
Fairfield House is a hugely important location for many people in the world, for many different reasons.  For Rastas, the Ethiopian diaspora, historians, and those interested in the amazing connections in our shared histories.  More can be done to make Fairfield House a known about location in Bath’s already significant tourist trails.  Long live Fairfield House, and the Emperor’s wishes.