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by Dr Peter Kellett

This exciting exhibition brings some of the vibrancy and colour of Ethiopian streets to Fairfield House!  Peter Kellett is an architect and social anthropologist, and Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Newcastle University. In 2013 he was based at Addis Ababa University Ethiopia for 8 months, and whilst there brought together this body of work. The exhibition consists of large numbers of everyday objects collected with the help of Ethiopian colleagues. They will be displayed as multiples and in creative, colourful juxtaposition with each other.

Each group focuses on a particular theme including: cultures of sustenance (food/religion/water), communication and education (languages/signs), renewal and birth (urban change/birth rates/maternal mortality/ health), resources (money/recycling). The objects include: traditional woven mats, recycled oil containers, religious pictures and candles, children’s shoes, football shirts, bank notes, processional umbrellas, and other forms of material culture.

The exhibition runs from 17th March – 20th June 2017.  

Opening preview event on March 17th, 5.30pm.  Feel free to come along!

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