Podcast of visit to Fairfield House

Presenting a three hour radio special on Haile Selassie I’s time in Bath with coverage of the Rastafari gathering on 30th of June, courtesy of DJ Phoenix at Somer Valley FM. Scroll down to the 23rd of July and download all three parts.

Give thanks.

In search of this important artefact

This is a chair belonging to the Ethiopian Royal family, believed to have been located in Fairfield house. The people of Fairfield, would like to locate this chair and any other item’s back to the Fairfield resident. If you know its where about we would be most grateful.

Busy day at Fairfield House yesterday – PART TWO

Had a meeting of the working group to ratify the constitution, to officially form the ‘Friends of Haile Selassie I Fairfield House’ group and management committee. The committee reflects the various interest groups of the House – Rastafari, Ethiopian community, elders groups, Councillors, EWF, partners organisations, and specific expertise. This committee will be in place until next Feb/March, when the first AGM will be held. The Lion of Judah Prevail all Unity. Forwards with Love and Structure. Now the work begins…….


Busy day at Fairfield House yesterday – PART ONE

Started with a meeting with local residents and neighbours in the morning to update them on the plans. They were all mostly supportive. Some understandable concerns about fears of an increase in traffic and noise. We assured them organizers of events will keep this to a minimum, and guidance will be given to visitors on transport etc. On the whole though there was huge support, and they are keen to work with us to ensure Fairfield House fulfils its potential in fulfilling the Emperor’s wishes, and not sold off privately.  Positive meeting!

UPDATE – 20th February 2012

Greetings.  Following localized meetings on 31st December 2011 and 28th January 2012, a draft proposal, constitution and aims and objectives has been drawn up. These will be circulated to the mailing list soon after a few amendments.  We will soon be having a formal meeting with the council to discuss the next steps forward and the implementation of the Trust organisation to manage the house.  A more public meeting will be organised to connect with wider support locally and nationally, to build momentum for future plans.  The date of the public meeting will be posted with ample notice.

STATEMENT – 15th December 2011


Following the meeting held on Wednesday 14 December 2011 with the leader of Bath & North East Somerset, with representation from local councillors, commissioners of older people services, members of the Save the Fairfield House group who represent the Ethiopian and Rastafarian communities, BEMSCA who runs a day service in the house and community supports.

The opening statement by the leader of the council was that Fairfield House was an important bequest to the people of Bath and an important pilgrimage site for people who visited, and for those reasons the council has put a stop to the sale of the house.

The future of the house is to set up a trust to restore it and make it into a community hub. It was shared that the ground is concentrated and this enables it to be use as a venue for the services which is current done by the Rastafarian and Ethiopian gatherings. Also it should be a place for community to meet in a hub for the day centre, celebrations, to incorporate a museum in the building and for it to be supported by the tourist board and included on its buildings of interest for heritage visits.

We see this as a long term project, as the initial setting up will be to address the repair to the building, raising funds for sustainability, a trustee board.

We would like to thank all of you who have supported us to this stage, your messages of support have definitely been heard. We will keep you updated in the next stages of this work, for a trust to support the running of the property.

With thanks,

Pauline Swaby-Wallace
Project Co-ordinator
Bath Ethnic Minority Senior Citizens Association