THE WOUNDED LION: tracing the Emperor’s years in exile.

Interesting article charting His Majesty’s years in exile, written by Jah Rebel in Belgium.  Give thanks for this Works.

Planting for Peace

Glimpse from the Peace event at Fairfield House last week.  This is the moment of the planting of the Peace Lily.  The first dig was made by Ras Bandele Selassie, as the Priest of the area.  The planting was done Ras Chris Leigh, as the Farmer of the grounds.  After the planting, the people scattered (uncooked!) rice grains as a symbol of collective witness.  Watched on here by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bath, and Lizzie Davies from the Global Circle of Peace.

Photograph taken by Councillor Paul Crossley, the Head of Bath & North East Somerset Council.  A great event.

More photos to follow….


Omega Radio family help tidy Fairfield House Garden

In August our Omega Radio family from London came down again to Fairfield to help tidy the grounds and make it beautiful.  Much Love and thanks for your great help. ♥

Thanks to Sharon and Antony Nightingale for taking the photos.

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BBQ for the Elders and neighbours, and visit from London’s Galaxy Radio family – 21.7.12

BBQ for the Elders and neighbours, and visit from London’s Galaxy Radio family – 21.7.12.

Photographs and editing by Stylee. Give thanks.

[This slide show has audio.  Brother Bob Marley for your Blessed listening pleasure. ♥]

Amharic plaque outside of Fairfield House

The plaque outside of Fairfield House reads;

During the years 1936-41 of exile from his beloved country Ethiopia, occupied by forces of aggression. His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie 1 Emperor of Ethiopia resided in Bath in this villa. In memory of his residence and courteous hospitality of the the people of Bath his Imperial Majesty has donated Fairfield villa to the corporation of Bath to serve as a home for the aged. May 1958

In search of this important artefact

This is a chair belonging to the Ethiopian Royal family, believed to have been located in Fairfield house. The people of Fairfield, would like to locate this chair and any other item’s back to the Fairfield resident. If you know its where about we would be most grateful.